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** MIRRELLAS and... **



DURING THE bangaloREsidency

at the Goethe-Institut

Max Mueller Bhavan

* Bangalore * INDIA





In Hermann’s project, car mirrors, rickshaw mirrors, truck mirrors that have been taken out of their original context, are combined with umbrellas and sunshades – so-called mirellas – to bring light under the flyovers, the UFO. In daily life, car mirrors provide everyone’s main point-of-view when it comes to traffic jams etc. – in other words: mirrors shape our perception of the environment.
Also on display are reflection tapes, primarily known from construction workers’ or policemen’s vests, which are combined with classic Indian attire like the sari: overwriting tradition with modernity. These reflective vests are transformed into bags, so-called Nichtüberfahrenwerdentaschen (not-to-be-run-over bags).
During his bangaloREsidency@Jaaga, Munich-based artist and architect Hermann Hiller explored markets beyond Bangalore’s mega supermarkets to find car mirrors and reflective vests as well as manufactures that helped him shape his materials anew, into a completely different context. Markets and manufacture within an urban network of streets, lanes, and alleys – in public space. One sits on the street, drinks tea, bargains with traders. Productions conditions are reflected. It’s all about reflection in Hermann’s work – in a concrete and metaphorical sense.

It is a "live created city collage kaleidoscope". Hermann did it.